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June 28-29, 2016

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This even has been canceled.

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The First All-Online Major Conference for Small Business I.T. Consultants

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I.T. Service Delivery

Success is a Habit

Two Big Days - Three Ways to Register


This year's topic: Success is a Habit

Too many consultants in the technology business are not making enough money. More importantly, too IT professionals are not keeping enough money!

So if you do nothing, you can expect to do a little better in the next 18 months. Now imagine how great things could be if you Do Something!

Take control of you consulting business. Unplug from the daily grind and work ON your business for two days!

This conference is 100% Action-Oriented. What can you do NOW to improve your business?

- - - - -

The world of small business consulting keeps changing . . .

- The Internet of Things - IoT - Are you getting your share?

- Server 2016 opportunities in SMB

- Windows 10 adoption is high - but are you making money?

- Cloud computing dominates

- and Hybrid Cloud is the approach that makes the most sense

- Making REAL money with Office 365 (not the Microsoft Way)

- Robotics, 3D printing, and other new technologies are entering the SMB market space

- and it is NOT OBVIOUS how a small technology consultant should make the most of this emerging environment.


The Time is Right

There are moments in time when you can FEEL the energy, the push, and the flow of money into the small business sector. This year is one of those moments. Don't miss out because you did nothing!

This conference will focus on the processes, procedures, and products you you need to be successful going forward. You survived the last eight years. Now it's time to Thrive! It's time to build successful habits that will move your business forward.

Just like your personal health, your business can only THRIVE when you take care of it, work on it, plan for the future, nurture its growth, and push your limits.

Anyone can be healthy. Any business can thrive, but you need to take action.

Nothing Happens By Itself

- - - - -

The theme this year is Success is a Habit. It will be all about taking your business to a new level as we enter a new era in technology consulting. I'm super excited this year's event and looking forward to amazing new content.

Topics include:

Habit: Mastering the Fundamentals for Success

Habit: Promotion and Marketing Consistency

. . . And More!


You can Listen Live, watch via GoToWebinar, or get the recorded sessions. You decide how much information you want.

Delivered by Karl W. Palachuk, a managed service provider and cloud service provider with 20+ years in the consulting business.

Speakers include . . .


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