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June 23-25, 2015

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Featuring Mega-Best Selling Author

Michael Gerber, Author
The EMyth Revisited

- Three Days

- 15 Hours of Education

- 100% New Content

Conference Agenda

Conference Speakers

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SMB Books



The First All-Online Major Conference for Small Business I.T. Consultants

This is a

3-Day Conference


15 Hours of Education

The focus is 100% SMB and Managed Services


Produced by Karl W. Palachuk from Small Biz Thoughts

and Great Little Book Publishing.


Money Back Guarantee

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Featured Topics:


Great Little Robot

This year's Keynote Speaker:

Michael E. Gerber
Author, The E-Myth Revisited

Michael Gerber

Michael E. Gerber is a true legend of entrepreneurship. INC. Magazine called him “the World’s #1 Small Business Guru.” He started over 40 years ago addressing a significant need in the small business market: businesses owned primarily by people with technical skills but few business skills, and no place to go to get meaningful help.

Over the years, Michael E. Gerber’s companies have helped tens of thousands of small business owner-clients to successfully transform their businesses into world-class operations.

Michael believes that to truly flourish, a small business must touch the lives of each of its four primary influencers – customers, employees, suppliers and lenders/shareholders – in a deep and meaningful way. Awakened Entrepreneurs™ seek a path that has, at its core, a higher, more inspiring meaning than just making money, selling a product, or seizing market share.

- - - - -

This year's topic:

Systematic Success 2014

Is the recession over? Ending? Easing?


Here's what we know for sure: Technology has not been "on hold" since 2008 waiting for the stock market and housing prices to rebound. Change is everywhere.

- Small Business Server is gone

- Windows 8 / 8.1 is here

- Server 2012 has a variety of options for us

- Small Businesses are clamoring to get to the cloud

- Office 365 and other options abound

- Robotics, 3D printing, and other new technologies are entering the SMB market space

- and it is NOT OBVIOUS how a small technology consultant should make the most of this emerging environment.

This year's conference will focus on the processes, procedures, and products you you need to focus on to be successful going forward. We want to help you build a system that is successful. As Michael Gerber teaches us in The Emyth Revisited, systematically documenting all of your processes is extremely important to building a business model that operates without you doing all the work.

No one retires on what they earn: You retire on what you save and on your "unearned" income. If you're strictly trading dollars for hours, then you will never be better off than you are today.


Topics include:

Modern Fundamentals for Success in the Future

Promotion and Marketing Excellence

Redefining Your Business . . . One More Time!

. . . And More!


You can Listen Live, get the recorded sessions, or get the recordings and the transcripts. You decide how much information you want.

Delivered by Karl W. Palachuk, a managed service provider and cloud service provider with more than 17 years in the consulting business.

Speakers include . . .


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